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Arthur Fleener spent 32 years with the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) and retired in 2019 as the Hazardous Materials Program Manager for the Midwest.  Since his retirement from the USDOT Art provides hazardous materials and cargo tank consulting to the trucking and cargo tank industry.

While at the USDOT Art was involved with and a leader with all aspects of the USDOT’s hazardous materials national program.

Art has worked extensively in the cargo tank area with cargo tank test and inspection facilities, repair shops and cargo tank manufacturers.

Back in the 1990’s


Art developed and taught the first CT class for industry and over the years has taught tank testing and inspections to literally thousands of registered inspectors across the United States, Canada and Mexico.


Tom Bryant has been a seasoned safety professional since 2006 with extensive experience in USDOT regulatory compliance and operations management while working 16 years for GROWMARK Inc.  


With a solid background as a Compliance Officer and Operations Manager over multiple cargo tank facilities in the Midwest, Tom Bryant demonstrated exceptional oversight of hazardous materials regulations, ensuring strict adherence and safety protocols, along with creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for tank testing guidelines for Registered Inspectors.


His expertise extends to DOT inspections, tank testing, repairs of hazardous materials cargo tanks and United States Department of Transportation hazardous materials compliance. Tom is extremely knowledgeable in the ASME code, along with managing R-stamp programs.


Throughout his career, Tom Bryant has been recognized for his dedication to excellence, attention to detail, and commitment to upholding industry standards. His unique blend of regulatory expertise and operational acumen makes him a valuable asset to any organization seeking to maintain compliancy and knowledge, while driving operational success. 


Art and Tom are uniquely equipped to help your company with any of your USDOT hazardous materials compliance or training issues.

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